Developing you

A while ago I attended a development programme aimed at female undergraduate students. The idea was to inspire, empower and create a development community amongst peers.

Photo by Kyle Glenn

I believe that there is always room for development, and you can never stop bettering yourself. Programmes like the one I attended are so important for personal growth as they encourage introspection of your values, your character and what you hope to achieve. Which can be so easily forgotten when life takes over.

If you don’t have the time to commit to a full programme, here are some of my tips that you can reflect on in your own time

Take practical and realistic steps to take more control of your life

If you are searching for your next career, starting a new venture or simply starting anew. Try setting smaller, achievable goals to help you reach the bigger goal. This is more manageable than trying to jump straight to the end and becoming frustrated if things don’t happen fast enough or the way you hoped. Rome wasn’t built in a day – important work takes time.

Find out what you value

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Do you value creativity or stability? Identifying what your values are can help shape your decision making professionally and personally, as well as clarify your goals. If you thrive on autonomy and ingenuity then seek out environments that will allow you to flourish. This is especially useful if you are unsure which direction to take after university or at any other cross-roads. Take the time to truly reflect on what matters the most to you, as it will make you happier in the long run.

Find the right balance between work and life

Life can get overwhelming; there is a lot going on that we can’t always control but there are some aspects we can. We can control how we spend our free time. It can be very easy to fall into the habit of eat, sleep, work repeat and not take the time to do things for ourselves. Small changes in our lifestyle can have a meaningful impact on overall well-being and other aspects of life. Take up an old hobby, learn something new, have a date night. Anything to break up your routine and provide something to look forward to – other than leaving work.

Make a date with yourself, a ‘development date’. A time that you set aside each week to reflect on the previous week and the goals that you want to achieve. The only way to see change, is by being proactive.

Article photo by Philipp Mandler

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